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May 2009 
From the May 2009 Angie's List Kansas City - Pages of Happiness

Donald Meinen hired Organize4U Professional Organizing Services (816-797-7009) to cut the clutter.  "I'd accumulated years worth of stuff, and they helped me decide what I needed and what could be discard," Meinen says.  "I had a lot of medical and other records they helped me organize.  The overall experience has been excellent and I really enjoyed getting organized.  I've finally reached a point where I can look for something and it's right where it belongs!"

April 2009 Client quotes:

"I was able to find coupons and gift cards to use when shopping for my son.  I saved $300!"

"Thank you for the freedom!  I have been spreading the gospel of Darcy!"

Quoted from Angie's List Service Provider Information:

Tackled a mountain of accumulated personal and business paperwork.  Organized all financial statements and documents by account and tax year in preparation for filing.  Developed tools and strategies for managing paperwork on an on-going basis.  Faced the massive clutter and chaos of an out-of-control basement and brought sanity and peace of mind.  Pulled the house together in time for a large annual party, preparations for which were greatly aided by the new order.  Taxes were filed, long-lost treasures rediscovered, and a terrific party was thrown, all thanks to Darcy and her talents.

via e-mail:

" Dear Darcy:  I just wanted to share this story with you.  I realized at 10:00 p.m. that I needed plans for 2 classes the next day.  This normally would have sent me into a panic, but not this year.  The next morning I went straight to the file cabinet, pulled out the papers I needed, and easily found the needed files to go with them!!!   All because of my organization times prompted by you!!!  I have been raving to others!"

                                                            School Teacher

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