Professional Organizing Services


How do your services work?

First I do an assessment to understand the problem and how it occurred.   It helps to know what your vision is for the room or space.   A lot of the assessment is done over the telephone.

What happens next?

Next I make an appointment to visit your home or office.  We review the space together and continue to discuss the problem and solutions.   Many people want to meet the organizer in person before agreeing to hire them.  This is perfectly OK - the client needs to feel comfortable with the organizer.   During this appointment, I review my Organize4U Notebook that contains my city license, proof of insurance and NAPO membership, and organizing references.   I ask the client to review and sign a contract for me to work in their home that discusses what I can do to improve their space and the client's responsibilities.

Do we begin working that day?

Some clients want to get started right away, some want to wait and make another appointment to start the work.

What are a client's responsibilities?

There are a few:  1.  Keep distractions to a minimum - phone calls, texting and visitors can interrupt the
                                 It is best that younger children be in school or with a babysitter. 
                            2.  Pay the organizer at the end of each session unless other arrangements have
                                 been made.
                            3.  The client is responsible for shredding papers that need to be destroyed.
                            4.  I ask clients to remove cash, checkbooks, credit cards and priceless items out of
                                 the space to be organized.  

Do you work with hoarders?          

While I have taken some courses to assist clients with a hoarding problem, I am not able to help those types of clients.

Can I hire you clean out my husband's garage while he is out of town?

I do not work with people's belongings unless they are present and able to help me.  While a surprise organizing project may sound like a wonderful gift, most people do not like someone going through their stuff when they are not aware that it is happening.

How long are the work sessions?

Sessions are usually three hours long.  Longer sessions can be booked if the client requests.

How long will it take to clear a space?

This depends on how quickly a client can make decisions and if they complete homework given to them between appointments.

What is homework?

Each client gets their own homework.  Maybe it is scheduling an appointment for a charity pick up.  Maybe it is to start using some supplies that have already been purchased, but never utilized.  Maybe it is to sort through a box or two on your own that would take some additional time.

What is your cancellation policy?

If a client cancels an appointment with less than 24 hour notice, I am paid 50% of the time booked.   This policy is covered in the client contract and is signed before the work begins.

What are the organizer's responsibilities?

To make my clients happy or they get their money back!!

I am embarrassed to have anyone see my home, even a professional organizer.  I'll bet this is the worst room/space/office/garage you've ever seen!

Everyone feels their situation is the worst.  Remember - it won't be long before you can invite friends and family over for fun - if you let Organize4U help you with your space.

Isn't it expensive to hire an organizer?

It's well worth the money if it increases your happiness and decreases stress in your home and life!

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