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Merry Christmas from Organize4U
December 2016
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I hope you and your family are preparing for a wonderful holiday season. Please consider these ideas to help you save time, money and frustration in these next few weeks.

1.  Check receipts for errors when you are paying for items.
2.  Shop online to save time.
3.  Place receipts in one file folder in case returns are needed.
4.  Hide gifts in luggage, a neighbor's home or in empty holiday
    decoration boxes to outfox sneaky family members.

5.  Wrap items as you purchase them.
6.  Place stocking stuffers in gift bags by person to help Santa on
     Christmas Eve.

7.  Donate unloved or unused decorations.
8.  Recycle unneeded or non-working lights.
9.  Share your gifts - adopt a needy family or donate food/money to
     your local animal shelter.

10.  Write thank you notes promptly.

Remember - no holiday is perfect.  Be prepared for illness - bad weather or other issues.

Take care of yourself during these next few weeks:

1.  Continue your exercise program.
2.  Get enough rest - don't over-schedule your time.
3.  Don't overindulge in alcohol, rich foods or sugar.
4.  Ask for help if needed - house cleaner, professional organizer,
     carpet cleaner, caterer or decorator.
5.  Ask your family what they really enjoy about the holidays and
     let go of traditions or activities they have outgrown.

6.  Try a new tradition - attend a Christmas play or concert.

Quick Holiday Ideas

Gift baskets
1.  Movie basket - 2 tickets to the local theater with some microwave
     popcorn, boxes of Good and Plenty, Milk Duds or M&M's.

2.  Pasta basket - 2-3 kinds of pasta, 2-3 bottles of pasta sauce and a
     bottle of wine.

3.  Pet basket - pet treats, new collar, pet toys, pet themed Christmas

4.  Sporting basket - hat, scarf and gloves in team colors.  Sport
     team Christmas ornament.

5.  Book basket - Reading glasses, comfy slippers, paperback
reading light and book mark.

Quick and Practical Gifts

1.  Movie tickets
2.  Restaurant Gift Card
3.  Gift card to a favorite store
4.  Tickets to a sporting event, museum or play
5.  Book of stamps
6.  Coupons for lawn mowing, leaf raking, pet sitting, snow shoveling,
     baby sitting, car wash, homemade dinners or homemade baked

Happy New Year 2017

1.  Make plans for New Year's now.
2.  Reserve your baby sitter
3.  Make dinner or party reservations
4.  Send invitations early - RSVP promptly if you are invited out.
5.  Make a file for 2016 tax items.

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